Find Yourself Through Solitude

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“Unless a man finds himself, he will ruin every woman he will come across.”  

I read that quote on my news feed a month ago and since then, it never left me. It speaks a powerful truth that everybody had always been overlooking.

If someday I’ll become the president of the Philippines, I’ll make “finding yourself” a law.

A person who never finds himself has been living a life that is dictated by the world he’s living in. He is living a life from without. He hasn’t yet discovered within. The amazing and limitless world actually comes from within. 

Not everyone will find themselves. It’s a sad truth. This is why the world is not a beautiful place for some. It’s a place of wreckage. It’s a place of sadness, brokenness and despair. It’s a place of lost dreams. It’s a heartless world. And that’s because people wouldn’t take the journey in discovering the answers to their questions.

Finding yourself is important. It’s what makes you who you are. It doesn’t just affect the people around you. It affects your life wholly. It affects every decision you will ever make in your life, including the big ones that will make your life. It affects your stand about something. 

Finding yourself makes you sure about who you are. It makes you love yourself truthfully. It’s appreciating your gifts and your flaws. It makes you secure of who you are and what you want to do for the rest of your life. It makes you know yourself more.

Finding yourself makes you know your worth. It makes you realize what you will accept from another person, and what you will not. 

Finding yourself will make you realize what really matters in the world. It’s removing all the junk, all the things that doesn’t help you grow, all the things that won’t make you do what you live for. It’s all about keeping what adds more to your life. It’s all about living the life that you’ve always wanted.

Finding yourself is simply figuring out God’s purpose for you.


So how do you find yourself, you ask? 

Start off with a prayer. 

I remember I had that Eat, Pray, Love moment when I talked to God in a quiet room one time I’d had enough of life. I’m so mad at him for making me struggle so hard. I told him “God. Can you please tell me what to do? I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. I’ve lost direction. I can’t find a reason to live anymore. I feel so weak. Please. Help me. I have no one but you. “

I literally felt someone hugged me when I prayed that. It was very comforting and peaceful. After that, the magic happened. Simply because God happened.

Experience solitude.

After that encounter with God, I started dealing with life alone. I ate alone. I watched movies alone. I traveled alone. I lived alone, away from home. I make all of my decisions alone. But you know what? I wasn’t really alone. I was spending time with God. I was basing all of my actions on God’s reaction. “Do you like this God?” I ask. “Is this the right way to do it?” I realized I’d been living a life without magic, and that kind of life is a lie. There is really no such thing as reality. Life is magical, and it will only become magical if you have God by your side to make it so. 

God is my hipster best friend I always travel and spend most of my time with. We would listen to songs that would make us high. We would try new food and watch the latest movies. He’s so fun to be with actually. Being with him makes me happy. 

Until now, I’ve always thought of God as the universe, or the energy. But there are a lot of times that he would make me feel that he is a real person. He is more than the universe or the energy. He is our creator.

Start the search.

I never really knew what I was looking for back then. I just know that I am seeking for something that would make me feel complete. One day I would find it, and when I did, I knew that it was it. I would just feel it.

It took me 3 years to actually find me. 3 years to finally connect the dots. Everything that had happened suddenly made sense. And it was the happiest moment of my life. Waking up knowing the reasons why God made you is the best feeling ever. 


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