What to talk about on the first date?

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So, that guy you like finally asked you out on a date. Automatically, you’re excited, giddy and nervous. The first date is the most important of all the dates ever. This is the time when you will start looking at each other in a deeper level, and this is when the lasting impression will be given to each of you. Cliche as it may sound, but first impression always lasts.

Some of my girlfriends asked me, what to do and what to talk about on the first date. My tip is that, just have fun! Don’t make the first date too heavy. The lighter the vibes, the better. Pick the things that you will talk about and know what are the off topics.

Here are some of the things that are okay to talk about:

1. Basic Information (Name, location, age, employment etc.)

2. Interests and hobbies (Is he artsy, sporty, whatever? Find out the things you have in common, etc.)

3. Favorite everything (food, restaurants, movies, books etc.)

4. Recent news, movies, songs, blogs, authors, etc.

5. The place where you went. If you’re having dinner, talk about the food and the restaurant, talk about the show if you went on a movie trip or theater show – you get the picture. Be present and enjoy the moment with him.


These are theĀ topics you should not talk about:

1. Marriage

2. Commitment

3. Sex

4. Babies

5. Settling down

6. Past Relationships

7. Religion and Politics

8. Problems

Just have fun and be light and easy going! Be yourself but not let it all hang out. Let him take the lead. Just be happy and fun to be around. The mission to get to know him and be lovable.

Some parting reminders:

1. No sex on the first date.

2. Kissing is fine, but no more than that.

3. Don’t get in his car, unless you trust him and know him well.

4. Say thank you after the date and you had fun (if you really did), but if you didn’t click, just thank you is okay.

These tips might sound so old-fashioned for some, but these things are very effective. If you do otherwise, it’s still up to you. I’m just here to show ways that actually work.

That’s it! Go girl! Make sure you look pretty. Good luck!

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