Why Traveling Makes Your Relationship Spicy

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Happy Anniversary to me and my baby! Today is the celebration of our year-long love and I love to talk about it in this post. 

We traveled to a beautiful beach and it was so much fun with this guy. I am a lucky lady because I found someone who shares the same interests as mine. My boyfriend loves to travel a lot too. And this helps our relationship a lot in different ways.

  • Traveling together brings new experiences. A very important thing to keep the love alive is to share new experiences together. Relationships can be dull and routinary, and boredom could lead to a lot of things especially when not prevented. You gotta spice things up and fill the relationship with a lot of memories! 
  • Traveling together reveals hidden parts of yourself. New experiences can show you a new response you make even you yourself are unaware of. Traveling makes you know yourself more, and your partner too. The more you know each other by spending time together rather by  just telling them who you are, the more connection you will build.
  • Traveling together adds excitement and adventure. An enthusiasm for travel shows you are adventurous and that makes you fun to be with. It means you’re game for anything and makes the relationship with you different. You’ll make more memories that will linger in your mind for a long time, and that will make the bond stronger.
  •  Traveling together makes the relationship less about yourself. If you are talking about things like how great the food in Italy was or how funny those kangaroos pop out in the middle of the roads in Australia, it will make the relationship interesting. Don’t make it always about the two of you and the relationship. You’ll get fed up in the long run. Vanity is a killer, so don’t be too self-absorbed.

My boyfriend and I are friends for 2 years now and lovers for a year, but still, it felt like we still have a lot to know about each other. It’s so exciting and we can still feel the passion burning.

Believe me, you and your guy deserve to book that trip you’ve been eye-ing for months now. What are you waiting for?



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