14 Things You Should be Addicted to

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Are you an addict of some sort? Can you not stand not going through your social media for likes? Do you love smoking so much you can’t quit? Do you call yourself an occasional drinker but then everyday is an occasion? Are you a self-proclaimed glutton? Do you enjoy watching TV more than you should that you end up not being able to do stuff you’re supposed to do? Are you obsessed with someone who doesn’t want you back? If you answer yes to any of those, you’re a certified addict.

Don’t feel ashamed, lily. A lot of people are addicts. Even I, used to be one. I was addicted to food. I love eating a lot. Eating feels good. It’s comforting. It makes me feel happy. Then I realize, it’s these feelings that’s the reason why we can’t stop doing it. Because if we stop doing it, we will feel empty. When we people feel empty, it’s a common automatic response to reach out for something that would take that emptiness away. Some people go to food, others choose shopping, while others turn to sleeping. What’s bad is if we go to something destructive like smoking, drinking, narcotics and sex. But what we don’t realize is that, addiction is a symptom of our lack of love within us, and the only way to cure it is to feel loved. So, instead of of destroying ourselves, why not choose the better alternatives? We can all be addicts, but we have to practice to be addicted to the right things. Let us be obsessed to things that would fill that empty love tank with things that we can do to show love for ourselves – the love that matters the most.

Here are my suggestion for addictions. Go, indulge. I’ll support you dear. I’m an addict of these things as well. (*sniffs and breathes like a druggie*)

  1. Books. Especially books that would make you grow and entertain you. What are your hobbies? Read more about them. What are your skills? Why not improve on them? What don’t you like about yourself that you think you can improve on? Read books that would help you achieve that! Feeling bored? Read a funny novel. There’s soooo many super awesome books everywhere that would make you feel better about yourself. Not a big fan of reading? There’s audio books for you. If you feel more informed, you are actually feeding your brain with useful stuff, making you like yourself more, and love yourself more.
  2. Spreading love. Hug your siblings. Tell your parents you love them. Treat a friend to lunch. Offer help to your old neighbor who can’t do stuff. Take care of nature by reducing your waste. Speak kind words. Sharing love means you have a lot of love within you, and most of the time, love will come back to you, multiplied.
  3. Healthy Pain. Some people love healthy pain. I’m not talking about masochism. Hmm, it’s more of a mindset actually. That when you experience healthy pain caused by change and growth, you actually will feel improving as a person, making you feel good about yourself.
  4. Fruits and Vegetables. Eat healthy. Feel healthy. Look healthy. Feel good!
  5. Giving real compliments. Making someone smile or feel good is the simplest way to spread good vibes. It feels really good to be able to appreciate people’s beauty. Give compliments to strangers even. You might gain a friend for life. 
  6. Learning, creativity and productivity. We grow through these things. These are lilies’ life blood. Without these, we will never achieve the dreams we implant in our world. Use your power to create. And create for a purpose. 
  7. Organizing. Instead of too much social media browsing, why not clean your room? Or your closet? Or your phone. Or your files. Or your life. Life is so much easier to handle if everything is in place.
  8. TED Talks. Ted talks are the best thing there is in the internet. I am sooo addicted to them. I watch them everyday. It is like a college course that would teach you things you’re never taught in school. Speakers of TED are all overachievers, so imagine all of them as your mentors. Imagine how that would affect your life? Seeing the world with their eyes.

  9. Dreaming. NEVER EVER STOP DREAMING. Dream everyday. Think about the life you want, and how you are going to get it. Think about your dream self. Think about your dream world. How do you want it to be? How would you make a change?
  10. Lemon water. This is a necessity for everyday. Thank God for the cleansing power of lemons. 
  11. Hypnosis audios. There’s loads of awesome free stuff on the internet and one of them are hypnosis audios. You listen to them before you sleep and upon waking up. This is your mind’s vitamins. You should take care of this powerful tool. Nourish it with these audios.
  12. Music. What’s life without music? This is the easiest way to shift your mood, from empty to party party! You gotta listen to Kyko and Summer Chill hits! Eaargasmic. 
  13. Investing. Life is all about planting and sowing. Invest on your mind. Invest on your relationships. Invest on your skills. Invest on your finances. Invest on your experiences. Keep investing and see how one day all your investments will pour over you.  
  14. Laughing. Laughter is your way to healing. Laughter makes you realize what things really matters. Hangout with a funny friend. Indulge in funny media. Have fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously at times. Goof around! Life is good.

Addiction is better this way. Agree? 

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