The “Rules” of Texting

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A lot of my friends would ask me, Madam Lily, what are the rules of texting?

They were talking about texting with the guys they were dating. I was a bit taken aback because, there is no such thing as “The Rules of Texting.”

But, I tell them what I think about how texting should be. Nowadays, men can easily access women whenever they want to because of technology, and alone time is so impossible. Lilies need alone time, so they don’t mind having them – and men respect that. I shared with my friends what ways worked for me. This helped a lot of them and I’m sharing them now to you. 

The only “rule” everyone should follow in texting is this:

You only text someone if you HAVE to. 

When is it necessary? It’s only needed when:

  1. You have to ask each other something, like what time you’ll meet on your date. 
  2. He updates you with his day and asks you how you’re doing just to check on you.
  3. You are in a long distance situation.
  4. When you have a really funny and interesting to share that can’t wait ’till you see him.
  5. When it is really really urgent.

You don’t kill time and do “textmates”. Just no. You chat for a while and that’s it. Live in the present. I think it’s unhealthy for you to get to know someone through texting, with the simple reason that you deserve a one on one interaction with the dude, and he has to pursue you.  Technology should not cheapen your value. It should be the other way around.

Why do I think this way? Simple. Because a lily has a lot going on in her life. If someone wants to speak to her, he should ask her out and actually talk over lunch or dinner.

But Madam, what if he keeps on texting me? Well, chat with him for maybe 3-5 exchanges of texts some time of the day, then simply tell him that you have to do something and tell him that you’ll talk to him soon. Don’t feel guilty or think you’re rude, because if he really likes you, he’ll respect your time, and he’ll put effort on pursuing you. He’ll think you’re just busy.

Remember, you’re an interesting girl. You’re not accessible at all times because you have a full life! 

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