How to Deal with Your Social Media Addiction

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If you are a certified social media addict, (if you spend up to 3 hours of social media in a day, everyday, you are considered one, honey) this post is perfect for you. 

We only have 24 hours in a day. We sleep for 6 hours, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner for approximately 2 hours, work for 8 hours, prepare for work/school for an hour, travel for 2 hours, and the rest are extra hours. That would be 5 hours extra hours if followed in that way. Then some people use these hours for social media. 

And they wonder why they’re unproductive, and their life leads nowhere. 

Are you guilty of this? If yes, don’t worry. You can fix that. 

Let me ask you first, why are you on social media? Apparently, internet is the closest recreation that we can get. But why are you spending most of your time on social media? You could be doing a lot of meaningful things you know. You’re a lily, remember? Lilies don’t waste precious time on meaningless stuff. 

Here are some of the reasons why people use social media:

They have nothing to do (which obviously isn’t true). People automatically go to social media during breaks from their work, school or things that they do. This is fine every once in a while, but don’t let all your free time be spent here. Think about other stuff too. Have a sense of balance. Lilies are productive. Lilies create stuff. They spend time on things that matter. They use their time wisely on things that will get them closer to their dreams. Lilies make stuff that make people happy. They connect on social media and have fun with people they want to talk to, but they don’t make it everything. 

They want attention. These people are mostly checking in if people had liked and commented their posts. Well, everybody wants to be liked, but some people want this excessively, that they are making a show out of their lives through posting everything that’s going on with them, and they are hungry for people’s approval. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you think that you’re posts somewhat make people smile. Some people even use social media to make money. But if you are doing this just to gain vanity metrics, then there’s a problem. Lilies know that this is a very low form of self-validation. You don’t need anyone but you to validate yourself. Lilies are secure women. Some people post just to brag and show people stuff. Don’t be like them. Watch your intentions. Let’s grow up, shall we?  

They want to talk to someone. After all, this is what social media’s top goal is about, right? Again, I repeat, there’s nothing wrong with connecting. Connecting is good. I love social media because I was able to bond with my super close friends and family from afar, and be able to meet other lilies, but then some people have other intentions, and not pretty good intentions at that. Know the limits. Some people are anxious and needy that they always want to talk with somebody, that they don’t even care that they aren’t present to where they are. What happens is, they don’t get to live in the moment because they are in some other world. Don’t be all over social media because you’re lonely and it makes you feel better to talk to someone online. (I mean there are exceptions of course. If you really had to talk to someone because you’re depressed and you need help, you can seek useful help.) You should be comfortable spending time with the people you are with at the present moment. Or you should be enjoying your moment alone. You don’t know what you’re missing. Lilies know how to live in the moment, because they know that they can never bring that  moment back.  

They want to keep the memories. I think this is a very acceptable reason. You can do this. But see, if you do this and only this, you won’t be spending 3 hours a day, EVERYDAY, for that. 

They want to keep up to date with the latest happenings about the world, and be informed of promotions of some companies they follow, events they could go to, and many more. Which is another acceptable reason. And again, doing these things doesn’t require you to spend 3 hours a day, everyday, either.

So which of these is your reason? Is it an acceptable one?


If your reasons are unacceptable, here are some things you can do to can deal with your addiction:

  1. Have something to do. You have a lot to do, if you just take the initiative to look for it. I don’t care what you do for most of the hours of your days, but your extra hours should be spent on something fun, creative and meaningful – that is, if you want to move forward and grow as a human being. There’s nothing wrong with using social media, but limit it up to 1 hour max per day. Use it only for its sole purpose, to connect to people because you NEED to, not because you just want to kill time. No more than that, or else, you are compromising your real world for some virtual world that you made up in your head. May I suggest that you find your passion?Do something that fires you up, that may also be beneficial to other people. Or use this time to improve on yourself. Learn new things. Learn a new language, a new recipe. Learn about starting a business. Make a business by doing something you love. Paint, draw, make typographic art. Do something that gets your hands working. Do something that you and your family can do. Read a book. Just be doing something, at the present moment. No excuses.
  2.  Use Pinterest. If you really can’t think of anything to do at that moment, and nothing’s in there except for your phone and the internet, then you can use your phone. But don’t open your facebook, twitter, and instagram though. Open Pinterest instead. I love Pinterest because the feed of this app fires me up. This app has an ocean of ideas to do, and as you spend more time in it, you will see yourself wanting to paint, cook, sew, travel and so many more interesting things to do. Start browsing now on Pinterest!
  3. Find something that makes your heart explode. Facebook will be boring if you found that something. I used to spend most of my time on Facebook and Instagram, but when I started Madam Lily and Work with Juana, I realized how boring Facebook is. My true love though is traveling. Whenever I travel, you can’t talk to me, because I’m busy connecting with nature, and all the beauty that the world has to offer, but I’m still in the process of saving money for my future travels. Helping women cope up with life, doing my business and traveling fires me up that no amount of social media can keep up with them. Find the things that would fill up that void. What’s your passion?
  4. Work on yourself. What are the things that you need to improve on? List them all down. And make sure everyday that you do small steps into achieving all of them. You want to be healthier? Plan your meals and do the grocery for the week. You want to have more flawless skin? Research about it and work on it. Want to be more confident? Watch confident women and be inspired on how they do it. Want to be the best at your work? Spend time studying about it. It’s a fun fact that nobody is perfect. It means we have a lot of fun stuff to do! Be grateful for your imperfection. Not only will it make you spend less time on social media, but also it makes you time to take good care of yourself more.
  5. Love. Fill that void with love. Give love. Spread love. Express your life to your family. Make them smile. Do something for a friend. Help a needy person. You don’t need social media if you feel good about life, and it’s giving and loving that makes life great.
  6. Limit your social media use up to an hour a day. But make sure you have the self-control to stop once your time comes up. Use it because you need to, not because you want to. Think of all the things you are missing if you waste it on meaningless browsing.

The most important step to take though is to DECIDE. Decide that you will reduce your social media intake and start living in the moment. Decide that you will start doing things that really matter. Decide that you will start creating things. Decide that you want to grow and do more things to explore.  You can do it, beybeh.

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