I have the SGS (Spoiled Girlfriend Syndrome)

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Recently, I had noticed annoying changes in my ways and it’s bugging the hell out of me.

I eat and eat and not care that I might gain weight, I lay in bed for hours doing nothing, I let my boyfriend do my responsibilities, I don’t do my laundry because I’ve decided I’m letting the laundry shops do the chore, and I let my mom clean my room. 

Where did the Lily went?

I was pondering on when all of this began and now I found out when it all happened. 

It all happened when I had a boyfriend. Ever since I committed to a relationship, I became more complacent (but super happy) with myself. My guy loves showering me with food, taking care of me, doing things for me, as if I’m a bed ridden hospital patient. I used to be so conscious with my figure and with what I’m eating, but he kept on sweetly teasing me that I am more beautiful, with fat on my cheeks. That’s not even true, but that’s what he sees because, well I’m a lily and my beauty is the light within me (every lilies think that way, just so you know). Well, nobody’s complaining about us being pampered like a baby. We definitely appreciate every minute of the spoiling! I’m just noticing that I had been only going with the flow with the relationship bliss and, today, just simply reminding myself (and maybe you as well) of that forgotten one year expensive gym membership and #roadto90lbs project that I seem to not think of even once at all.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who suffer from SGS. It’s actually a common issue with women in relationships. We became complacent, and the unconditional love that we’ve been receiving overwhelms us making us put little effort into our self improvement. Sometimes we even forget all about it! Because we’re too happy!

But still, let’s not forget our dream self. We’ve always dreamed of having our perfect body, becoming more disciplined, having a well-balanced life, and growing as a person in all aspects. (Or maybe that’s just me and you could be a simple girl contented with the way you are and that’s okay, but if you’re like me, we have work to do. ) And also, what if (knock on wood) you break up? Nganga? 


So let’s pause for a while, reflect, and remember the dreams and goals we set on our self growth. Are we on track? If not, what have we been doing all our lives?

I realized I am waaaaay behind my target self, and I like to change that. These goals, I am doing them not for anyone else, but for me. Because I love myself 🙂 

Rereading my goals now and reseting my steps. Join me if you have SGS too!

Photo from Be Limitless.

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