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I love setting goals. Isn’t it fun to list all the things that you’ve been dreaming to do and experience for the rest of your life? Goal-setting is the time where you get to imagine all your wants and aspirations, think about traveling to different places monthly, daydream about the houses and cars that you wish to own, all the happenings you want to experience and many more. You know, how you want to bungee jump, skydive, have a romantic date night in Paris and see the Northern Lights? Those thoughts just make you feel so alive! You know the only thing I don’t like about it, though? Not being able to accomplish some of what’s written.

I used to set goals without a system. I’d just get myself a notebook and a pen, and I would write there the things that I want to achieve. Some I accomplish, some I don’t. Some goals I would even forgot. This required some fixing, I thought to myself one time. So I sought of ways for effective goal planning.

Finally, after years of trying ways to get myself focused on achieving my dreams, I discovered an effective set-up. I was able to create a system that makes me accomplish my goals – FOR REAL THIS TIME. I have what I called The Goal-Setting Week. The Goal-setting week is the week I reflected on what dreams I really want to commit to. You don’t sit in a day and already know everything you wanted to do. A week isn’t even enough at all. You need to look within your spirit, and discover the purposeful dreams that you want to pursue. Remember, we have decades to fulfill. We sometimes change and that goes with our preferences too. 

How to set goals and accomplish them for real. <3
Here’s the lily system of goal-setting and I am sharing it with you, plus a 22-pages worksheet you can download for free! GET IT HERE.

There are 4 sections you need to fill up. There’s the lifetime goals, the decade timeline, the annual goals and the 3-month goals. Let me explain each goals to you briefly.

Lifetime goals – this is where you will list all of your goals starting from the moment you wrote them until the day you die. Write here EVERYTHING that you want to accomplish in vague form. It has 9 goals categories and for every category, you fill it up with EVERYTHING, no matter how impossible it may seem. Remember, your only limit is you, so whatever you think might be your limit, it will be. Example goals: Travel to Greece. Publish 12 best-selling books. Establish my own charitable foundation. You can always edit it from time to time. Fill it with whatever that comes to mind.

Decade timeline – here you will write the goals from the Lifetime Goals and set them on the decade when you want to accomplish them. In this case, you will get to monitor where you are in life and what your priorities are in that decade. When you do this. You will realize how doable your dreams are! Don’t worry about having to change the times in the future. You can always change it as you wish. This decade timeline’s purpose is to excite you and show you how possible it is to achieve all of your goals. Ex. 20s – Travel to Europe. 30s-Had published 12 best-selling books. 50s – Establish my own charitable foundation. 

Annual goals – this list is composed of 2 sheets. Look at your decade timeline goals. Decide which goals are your priorities for the current year. Take note that you only have to fill up the annual goal of the current year, and not the years ahead, for the reason that, you may change your mind in the future. It’s 2017 today, so what I’d do is fill up the first Annual Goals sheet and label it 2017. I will then look at the Decade Timeline sheet and choose the goals that I would want to accomplish for the year. Now, before putting them in the Annual Goals sheet, make these goals more specific and detailed. Let’s say I wrote in my Decade Timeline sheet that I want to travel to Greece. In the Annual Goals sheet, I would write there “Travel Santorini, Greece and stay in Dana Villas for 1 week with my husband.” Being detailed is important because this makes you know what actions you should take to be able to make this happen, and also, you will help the universe attract it more. Write also, why you are doing these goals. This information will remind you the heaviness and importance of this goal. Then, in another sheet, write there all the goals that you wrote in the annual goals and list everything that you will need to do to make it happen. The more you put all the details and see all the actions that needs to be done, the more you will see how it is possible. This is empowering. Print as much as you need of this second sheet.

3-month action plan – this is the list where you will distribute all of the actions that you put in the annual goals. These are the actions that you would set for 90 days to accomplish the annual goals . There will be four 3-month goals in a year so you will need to print 4 copies of this. Distribute the actions you need to take in this 3 month goals list. Let’s say this year, I want to travel to Greece. I will put in my action goals these actions: Plan the itinerary. Research on how much I will need. (airfare, Dana Villa accommodation, activities, miscellaneous fees, etc.). Plan my monthly savings for the trip. Ways I could do to make more money. 

You will have to read these goals everyday. Make reviewing them as part of your morning and evening routine. Review the annual goals and 3-month action plan several times a day. Bring these 2 lists wherever you go. Read them whenever you are waiting in line, stuck in traffic, feeling tired, unmotivated and uninspired.

So how do you set these goals? Before setting them, there are lots of contemplating, meditating, and self-discovery to do.

  • You start first by figuring out who you are and what you really want to do in life
  • Master yourself first, to know your preferences and dislikes, and to know the reason why you are living in this world. Take the things you love and leave the rest behind.
  • Keep exploring. Try everything! Do something bold. Keep doing things that you haven’t done before, and do these things alone. In that way, you will be able to know who you are without outside influences. 
  • Spend more time alone and date yourself. This way you will learn to appreciate who you are and will know what pleases you.
  • Pursue dreams that are purposeful. Don’t just think about you. Think about the people that will be inspired and touched once you achieve a certain dream. Add value. What value can you give to the world?
  • Pray to God to lead you to your purposeful dreams.

Once you’re done doing these, reflect, and ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I love to do that I could share with other people?
  • What are my talents and skills?
  • What do I love to learn?
  • What good thing about me do people remember me for?
  • What makes my heart sing?
  • What are my values and principles in life?
  • What work do I love that even if I don’t get paid, I’d still do it just because I want to?
  • What matters most to me?
  • What are my past experiences?

Once you answered these questions, start connecting the dots. Only you can answer what your soul aspires. You can read here the story of how I was able to discover my purposeful dreams.

After you have mastered yourself and have found your purpose, you can start setting your goals. Schedule your Goal-setting Week for contemplation, and get serious about achieving them. Plan the week. Divide the worksheet in to 7 days (or more if you need more time). Remember, don’t rush it. Make sure that everything you’ve written is what you TRULY want deep in your heart. 🙂 

Just. Set. Those. Goals. And Act on Them! It doesn’t matter if they look impossible to get, or if you don’t have yet the instruments that you need to achieve them yet. I promise you they will come. The world is limitless and abundant. Nothing is impossible with God. And you will attract it to you if you just focus on thinking that it will happen. Do not let negative thoughts cloud you. Remember, what you think about, you bring about. Just focus on the goal, not the obstacles. You can do this! Think that you can do this, and you will.

Are you ready to start achieving your goals for real? I made a 22-pages FREE GOAL-SETTING WORKSHEET just for you! Just fill up the form below to receive it in your inbox.

Start your journey towards achieving your purposeful dreams and get your freebie!


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