Perks of Becoming a Lily

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I’ve made the Madam Lily blog years ago for the purpose of creating the kind of women the world needs by introducing to them a different perspective about the world, one post at a time. Most women nowadays focus on finding the love of their lives when what they really need to do is to work on themselves and the dreams that God or the great universe had planted for them. A lot of them work on their dream body, career, love life, but only a few give enough attention to their spiritual health, when it is the most important aspect that all people should be working on.
A lily is a woman that any person would be happy to be with. She is independent, ambitious, and does not take shit from anybody. She masters herself, so she knows what to accept and what not to. She loves herself in a healthy way, and because of this, she is able to spread love around her. She is a fighter, but she also has the kindest heart. She stands up for what she believes in.

There are many perks when you choose the path to becoming a lily. Here are some of them:
  • You become genuinely happy.
  • You accomplish more things and you become more productive.
  • You are more confident and you will care less of what other people might think of you. You are more at peace and accepting.
  • You have a sense of direction. You are not lost. You discover your purpose.
  • You know yourself more. You are firm with your beliefs, and you learn how to face challenges head on.
  • You have a healthy relationship with yourself. You respect and love yourself but not in a selfish way. 
  • You achieve your goals. 
  • You have self respect, making you respect others as well.
  • You become more blessed, and because of this, you bless other people.
  • You feel complete and you will believe that life is indeed wonderful.
  • You have faith that everything will turn out alright despite your past or your current struggles.
  • You have more fun.
  • You laugh more often.
  • You have options in everything. The world will suddenly become limitless.
  • You only have people in your life who truly love you and care for you.
  • You are independent and money flows easily.
  • You find the love of your life. You find your perfect match and someone who will add more to your life.
  • You feel secure. No anxieties and heartaches.

Becoming a lily can be synonymous to becoming a genuinely happy and fulfilled person. Are you convinced yet?  


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