My Morning Routine (That Keeps Me Happy & Productive)

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I’m not really a morning person (all nocturnal peeps make noooise). My body is weak early in the day, whereas I am very productive and alert during night time. This kinda sucks because I love mornings! I love how positive and hopeful the ray of the sun makes me feel. I am just addicted to the big bright yellow thing. (Sorry moon. I love you in a different way, donchu fret). I don’t like starting my day at graveyard hours, for it makes me feel down for the rest of the day. In short, I am a nocturnal person wanting to start her day before 6 am. This fact had left me so confused, unproductive and ineffective for some time. For years, I have experimented with my preferences, and finally was able to establish a routine that my mind and body loves. Take note that I am working from home, and this puts me in an advantage of creating my schedule for the day. Routines are important because they command our body to do something automatically, which helps us be productive a lot easier. I’m sharing with you the ritual  and tips that worked for me:

1. Determine the time that I am most productive to work. This is very important because this is where everything on my day’s schedule will depend on. Everybody has their own productive hours. Some people excel during night time, while others, are more focused and creative in the AM. Experiment what time works for you the best. For me, it is 10 am onwards. The moments before that, my brain power is at its lowest.  

2. Wake up 2-3 hours before my work time and make sure I get 8 hours of sleep. I love waking up not feeling either groggy or underslept, but feeling refreshed and energized (because that’s what sleep is for, right?). Since I am my most effective self whenever I start working at 10am, I set my alarm at 8am. This means that I should be asleep by 12mn to get 8 hours of sleep. What is the 2-3 hours for, you ask? This is where the magic happens. This is the most important time of the day. This will be the time for THE self-care.

3. Rise up, brush my teeth and make myself a cup of tea. I love tea. Tea makes me feel 10x better about life. I feel clean, relaxed and calm whenever I drink one. 

4. Sit silently and meditate. Well, when I say meditate, I don’t necessarily mean sit in a yoga pose and clear my mind. You can do that of course, but for me, sitting still means not doing anything but just enjoying my hot beverage. This means no electronic device or any distractions involved. It’s just me, my soothing cup of tea, the fresh air that I breathe, and the present moment in front of me. For some people, sitting still can be really hard, but you know what, this only takes practice for it to be easier, and the training is so worth it. This is the main reason for my clear mind throughout the day.

5. Pray. Prayer is the most underrated thing ever. The power of prayer is not known to everyone, but once you discover how strong this simple act is, your life will experience a drastic change. My morning prayer is also a form of my meditation, gratitude declaration and affirmation. I really hope everyone does this because I can say that this the most important part of my day, because it is the time of the day when I speak with God/the universe, heart to heart and spirit to spirit. This is the time when I thank him for all the blessing he has given me the other day, and for another day full of blessings again. I would ask him to bless the people I love, to bless the people in need and who are suffering, and to bless the world. I also ask him for strength so I would be able to fulfill my dreams that he had planted in my life for the greater purpose of the world. I ask him for more wisdom to understand everything, and peace of mind. I ask him to help me fulfill my dreams, while I work on them here on earth.  

6. Eat breakfast. After an hour of sitting still and just vibing the present moment, I go to the dining room and eat. I love filling up my body with great food and I always make sure they’re healthy! Did you notice that the intention of everything I’ve been mentioning is to make myself feel good? Well, that’s because that’s the intention. If you love the feeling of how you start your day and make it a habit, you will always be excited to wake up everyday.

7. Review my goals and look at my dream board. Do you know how much this activity can fire you up? People would oftentimes forget their goals, which is one way to sabotage their way to success. It’s important to remind ourselves what our life’s priorities are, what our purpose is, and what kind of life it is that we want to live. If you want some tips to organizing and minimalizing your goals, click here and I will show you tips, and it also comes with a free download of my goal-setting worksheet!

8. Go out and let the sun shine on me. This is my favorite part of my mornings. Everybody knows how much I love Mr. Sun! For some people, going out is very common because they are headed for work or school, but I work from home so this goes as a part of my routine. Even 5 minutes outside works wonders. It really helps me be put in a good mood.

9. Ask myself “What can I give today?”

Life is all about giving. I believe that the more you give, the more you add value to the world, and the more you add value to the world, the more the world will send love to you. Life has a formula of give and take, and make sure you do your part. Plus, the feeling of being able to help other people – isn’t that feeling that makes life great?

I am tempted to add that I do my exercises as a part of my morning routine but I’d be lying to you if I did. I don’t like exercises on mornings. My body is very weak during that time of the day, and if I start working out, I’d fall asleep right after. I just can’t. So I do my 7 minute exercises (you should try this app 7 minutes, because I love it!) before I eat my dinner. For the rest of the day, I speak words of affirmation whenever I get the chance. I repeat it over and over until I could feel it entering my system. Let’s say I’m lacking creativity that day. I’d tell myself that I am a very creative person, with a message to tell the world. And repeat it over and over again. Then minutes later, creative energy flows through me. It works like a charm. I also have lesser media intakes now. It just feels good having an empty and peaceful mind.


That’s it! That’s my morning routine. This doesn’t mean that my routine will be right for you. You can still try my way but if it doesn’t work, go find the system that’ll be effective for you. Explore your preferences and find out what practices do the job for you. As I always say, keep on exploring until you figure out what works best for you! Good morning!

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