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I’m never a big fan of physical exercise simply because, IT’S HARD! UGH! I’m sure I’m not the only one. They’re boring, repetitive and painful, and also my body is naturally weak since I was a baby. Maybe there’s one physical activity that would make me happy, I thought to myself. So I tried a lot of things – gym, aerobics, zumba, jogging, sports, swimming, etc. – and after doing so, I came to a conclusion that I will never love exercise, until the day I bought a yoga mat and did yoga. 

Although it doesn’t burn calories as much as other vigorous workouts, it’s an investment for starters. It’s like a warm-up. Weight loss isn’t my only goal, but also strength for the body and radiating confidence from within. Yoga gives me that.  I love the sudden strength I’m feeling and the conditioning of my mind, body and soul. Because of this, I’ll have the power to do other heavier workouts. Also, it quells my appetite. Isn’t that a big deal already? 

Why did I got hooked with yoga?

  • Yoga doesn’t need much physical action, just slow and steady positions, AT FIRST. This is my favorite of all reasons. Yes, yoga is hard, especially if you’re not that flexible like I am. But soon enough, we’ll be more flexible, depends on our bodies’ capability. It’s our choice whether to push ourselves that hard or take it one step at a time. As long as there’s persistence, results will show up. I am a physically weak person since birth and I can barely lift a big bag for too long. So, I started doing it lightly, not pushing myself too hard. We don’t need to rush. This is the only activity that’s light but gives results on the very first day of practice. No, I did not lose physical weight, but I lost big weight of negative baggages like stress, anxiety, worry and fear. AWESOMEST FEELING EVER.
  • Yoga makes me mindful. This thing just focuses me. I do a lot of things, and it conditions me to prioritize. After a session, I begin thinking about my day and the things that I should be doing and what not to do. It makes me REALLY think. It helps me differenciate the distractions from the goals. It makes me aware of where I am in my life at the moment. 
  • Yoga makes me feel strong. After a week of doing this, I felt stronger and more alert. I felt more alive and powerful. Who ever guessed that simply breathing heavily and stretching could make you feel super?
  • Yoga makes me happy. My first week of doing yoga lifted up my soul. It’s like the first time that I didn’t have to try that hard to survive or be happy for the day. My happiness and peacefulness is natural. It just feels good.

Yoga is incrediby addicting! Try it and you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

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