The 9 Types of Girlfriends You Need in Your Life

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Squad is life. Friends make the world a better place. But they either make us grow or make us miserable. They influence our lives in a huge way, so it’s best to choose who we let into our worlds. Friendship is about quality, not quantity. As long as we have real ones, we already win in life.

We lilies pick our squad. Yes, because we believe we deserve only the best people in our lives. The people who truly loves us. The following are lilies’ types of girlfriends. You might wanna consider having them too.

  1. Miss Cheerleader. She just boosts your confidence up without trying. It’s just her personality! Compliments are her thing. You feel super when you’re around her. She always see the good in you and she never forgets to remind you about how beautiful your hair is, how she thinks your style is #goals, how she “hearts” all of your Facebook pictures, or how fun she thinks you are. You need her when: you’re scheduled for a job interview and you need a boost, you feel fat and ugly, and you just got dumped by your boyfriend (now ex) for another woman. You need her basically everyday because, who doesn’t want compliments?
  2. Miss Candor. This woman never gives BS. She will tell it to your face if she sees something she doesn’t like. She will tell you if you’re being an asshole. When you ask what things about you you need to work on, she will tell you only the truth, not what you wanna hear. But you never get mad at her because you know she loves you and she just honest bitch. Also, she tells to your face if you’re extra gorgeous that day, or how proud she is that you are girlfriends. She tells what she observes, and that is either the good or the bad. You need her when: you wanna know if you’re getting fat and you need to enroll in a gym, you need to now if the dress suits you, you need an opinion about the new guy you’re dating, and you need to know if you’re too much of an ass already.
  3. Miss Smarty Pants. From current events, politics, astrology, life advice, trivia to showbiz gossip, she seems to know it all. She’s your geeky yet sexy hot girlfriend who loves debates and mind-stimulating discussions. Her curiosity just makes the conversations interesting and fun! You need her when: Everyday because she feeds you with useful information that you can use in the future. On a date maybe? Or a game show perhaps?
  4. Miss Independent. She has her life together and she did it on her own. She has a great career. She has already figured out her purpose and she’s doing them as we speak. She is that friend who goes to the comfort room without having to ask you to accompany her. Alone time is a treat for her. She seldom asks for favors. She’s basically superwoman. You need her when: you feel lost, weak and needy and you want to get your shit together. You just watch her, spend the day with her and after doing so, you feel fired up and ready to build your own empire.
  5. Miss Financial Adviser. She loves the challenge of becoming rich. She is very interested in knowing how money works. She loves inviting you to seminars about financial literacy and she lends you books of Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet and Brian Tracy. She has multiple streams of income, both active and passive because her life goal is to buy stuff and never look at the price tag. You need her when: you want to be financially free and you need to have a convo with someone with the same interests!

  6. Miss Sunshine. It’s a mystery to you why suddenly there are rainbows and unicorns whenever she enters the room. She just makes everything lighter and happier. Her smile is contagious and her energy is uplifting. No matter how bad the situation can be, she always manage see the good side about it. She even makes it a fun experience. How does she does that? You need her when: everyday, because, rainbows and unicorns.
  7. Miss Happy-Go-Lucky. Life can be very dull but not with this one. She is crazy, and adventure is her nickname. She loves doing the bold and she’s always the first one to do it. She likes hiking, bungee jumping, rafting and smoking pot at times. One thing she wanna cross out in her bucket list is to get arrested by the police (for a petty crime though. Jaywalking maybe?). You need her when: life is boring and monotonous, you need a break, you want something new.
  8. Ms. Humor. “Where in the hell did she get those punchlines?” you always wonder while rolling on the floor laughing. She makes everything better. She could make the funny out of normal things like ketchup and socks. You love her so much and you can never hate her because she provides free entertainment and face-lift. You need her when: everyday, for the rest of your life.
  9. Miss Empathy. She is the kind-hearted person you always read in fairy tales. You’re surprised someone like her actually exists. Her bucketlist consists of planting  a tree, feeding the homeless, build a foundation that will send street children to school, and save the earth. She never judges anyone, even the worst people in the world, because she understands that everyone has their reasons for being that way, and one reason is their hunger for love. You need her when: you have a problem with your family and you need someone who would listen to you, you fail in your career, your boyfriend dumped you and you still want him back (she won’t judge you), and your dog died.

There are 9 of them but they could be 1 person actually. If you have all of them, you’re lucky! If they’re not your type of friends right now, I suggest you re-asses your crew. Are they or are they not adding up to your life? Are you happy with them? Because if not, the world is huge and you can give a room to new people!


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