Checklist for an Amazing Day

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You have the choice to make your day a SUPER DAY.

I remember those times when I always whine about my life. “I hate my life.” “Why wasn’t I born rich?” “I hate my parents.” “Why is life so hard?” “Why am I not dead yet?”

Eeeek!! Whenever I remember those days, I feel myself cringe. Self, why are you so depressing? Why can’t you be fun, cool and grateful?

Until one day came, I talked to God and asked him “God. Please help me. I want my life to change.” And poof! Like magic, he showed me the way. 

He told me that I have the power to create how my life would be. All I had to do was shift my ways. I was skeptical at first. But when I started doing things I’ve never done before, started prioritizing things that would make my days different, life suddenly became pleasant. And I understood what he meant.

You can do things to make your day an amazing day. I made a checklist out of them.


Read the checklist. Have you been doing them everyday? Have you been grateful, giving, and working on your growth? If not, examine the quality of your everyday life. Was your day yesterday the same as the day before? Was it meaningful? Was it purposeful? Are you doing everything to make your days the best days ever, or are you wasting it on crappy things? Remember, you can never bring back time again. If you think you are wasting the moments of your life, try starting small. Tick off those things on the checklist!


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