23 Positive Affirmations to Recreating Your Life

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Did you know that the first and last 40 minutes of your day is the most critical time of the day? These 40 minutes are the ones responsible in shaping our entire lives. This is the time where our subconscious is extra alert for everything we intake in our minds. And we all know that what we think about subconsciously is actually our reality. The first time I learned about that, I was completely blown away. Everybody has heard about the subconscious mind taking over and shaping our lives, but not everyone is aware that the first and last minutes are the ones that is the most responsible for create our outer worlds.

I found out that the way to do that is through auto-suggestions, popularly known as affirmations. Affirmations are words, wishes and new beliefs that one declares to herself to reprogram her subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is the one responsible for our outer world, so for you to live the life that we’ve always, our subconscious should know this and wait for it to shape our outer world. (Too good to be true, huh? I knoooow!) You repeat them to yourself everyday, you feel it as you speak it, you believe it in your heart, and that’s when the magic happens. Affirmations are the simplest yet most powerful method that could shift our lives for the better. Believe me, I do them all of the time and they’ve brought me massive opportunities. A lot of my dreams had happened just because of using auto-suggestions that I made for myself.

The best time to affirm is 40 minutes upon waking up and 40 minutes before going to sleep, but reciting them on different times of the day is ideal as well. What you do is you just read them and send them out to the universe by feeling the words. Reaaally feeling it.”That simple? That’s it?” Same questions I had the moment I heard it! But believe me, they work!

You can create your own depending on what you want to happen to you. These are mine.

  • I am a beautiful woman and I am worth it.
  • I am a successful blogger, author and businesswoman (fill in your dream career position).
  • I love life and life loves me more.
  • Life is easy. Life is wonderful.
  • I am creative, productive, focused and ready to take steps in making my dreams come true.
  • I inspire other people.
  • I am passionate, energetic and driven!
  • Money comes to me in increasing quantities, through multiples sources on a continuous basis.
  • The universe is limitless and generous.
  • I am a strong woman.
  • Today I am giving my best.
  • I am so happy and grateful with the beautiful things that are coming to me.
  • I am brave and I face challenges head-on. I am a fighter.
  • I am persistent and I believe in myself.
  • I love my body and my flaws make me more beautiful and unique.
  • I am confident and secured with who I am. I have a healthy relationship with myself. I love me.
  • I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.
  • I am a superwoman.
  • I am loving, patient and calm.
  • I am responsible for my life and I decide that I am living it to the fullest.
  • I live an adventurous, positive, happy and exciting life!
  • I am successful in all areas of my life.
  • I attract positive and kind people into my life.

Checking your social media accounts and emails are the worst affirmations available there is. I was guilty of this. But changing our ways, practicing mindfulness and committing to what we have to do is a big game changer. 

How do you start your mornings? How do you end your days? Try to think about it. Is your way of starting and ending your day affecting your life? What did you do this morning after waking up? What are going to do later before you sleep? Share your thoughts!  

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