9 Things to Forgive Yourself About

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Here’s a fact: the only way to start truly loving yourself is to free your heart from every negative emotion that you feel towards you. Love is something that feels good, so if you sabotage yourself with these emotions, you love yourself less.

I used to always want to control the events that would take place in my life, and whenever I can’t, I would end up sabotaging myself and I’m not even aware that I’m doing such harm. It’s as if, it’s my fault that some things didn’t turn out the way I expected it to be. Can you relate? Fortunately, my friend, there’s a way to resolve this. We can prevent ourselves from more sufferings through the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness heals our hearts and souls. It helps us let go of all the bitterness, the pain, the hurt, the regrets, the fears and the false expectations we give ourselves. It helps us declutter all the bad feelings and make space for more positive ones. Forgiveness makes us feel good, and make us have a better vibration to attract the life that we want. It is the ultimate antidote. Here are some of the things you can forgive yourself about:

  1. Forgive yourself for not believing in yourself. There may be times when you feel like you can’t do anything that pleases you. There may be times that you may doubt your capabilities. Maybe you’re failing a lot lately, maybe you’re not meeting your expectations for yourself, maybe you set ridiculous limitations, maybe you feel like you’re not doing anything right, or maybe you are not functioning the way you wanted to. If you ever felt this way, take a moment to pause and appreciate you. Apologize, forgive yourself and promise to be your number one believer. Accept that there will be times that you will not feel like you’re the best, and that’s okay, because there are plenty of reasons why this is the case, but none of these is you not being enough. Always keep in mind that you are strong in your own way. You are special. You possess something that the world needs. You possess something that only YOU have. Focus on those things. Believe in yourself, because if you don’t, other’s faith in you won’t really matter. Forgive yourself now.
  2. Forgive yourself for comparing your life to other people’s lives. When you compare your life to others’, you are betraying your own. It’s you being totally unappreciative of your own journey. Always remember, you are exactly where you need to be. Whatever you are experiencing right now, is a part of your own unique adventure, and you should not compare because it’s totally illogical to do so. Your purpose is different from theirs, and that is why your path will not be the same. Focus on your own purpose. Everybody has their own timeline. Focus on yours. Yours is special. Promise yourself that from now on, you trust the universe wholeheartedly that you are journeying to something great. Believe that the universe is abundant and you will live a great life. Forgive yourself now.
  3. Forgive yourself for being mean to yourself and to others. Hurt people, hurt people. You might be mean because you’re feeling hurt and you want to release that pain through passing it to another. If this is the case, forgive yourself now for doing this. Starting today, begin your healing, and focus on taking care of yourself more. People will keep hurting you whether it’s intentional or unintentional. The moment you give more love for yourself is the moment you will have a stronger armor for hurtful incidents and the moment you will be more capable of loving. The world needs more love – be one who gives it. Forgive yourself now.
  4. Forgive yourself for being ungrateful. You may be ungrateful because life has been really difficult for you. Maybe your environment is around unappreciative people. Or maybe you are not born with the mindset. Don’t blame yourself, because that won’t solve anything. Forgive yourself for your past attitude, leave it behind, and make a commitment that starting today, you will start to live a life of gratitude. How did your day went? What are the good things that happened to you? Did the sun shine today? Do you have people who love you that you might not be acknowledging that much? Did you eat great food lunch? Take a moment to feel grateful for them. Gratitude makes you happier and more contented with life. Gratitude makes you feel stronger everyday. Gratitude makes you realize that you are loved by the universe. Forgive yourself now.
  5. Forgive yourself for not putting yourself first. You may be putting someone’s happiness before you. You may be feeling that you are not worthy to be valued more than anyone else, so you always accept what they want and not your own. A way to show love for yourself is to prioritize your own preferences and needs. Commit to putting yourself first. Get to know yourself, spend more time alone, establish a deep relationship with yourself and find out what you really want. When you figure out what matters most to you, stick to them, and don’t let other people have the power to make you feel inferior just because you love what you love. Love yourself with all your heart, wholly. Forgive yourself now.
  6. Forgive yourself for being not the person who you want to be. If you ever make yourself feel bad for being not the person who you dream of, hug yourself right now. You are unique in your own way. You may not feel that way right now, but believe me, once you discover your purpose, your potential, and your capabilities, you will realize how great you truly are. You will fall in love with yourself, more than you will love being anybody else. You will become that person, just be patient, faithful and loving why you wait. You are a work in progress. Forgive yourself now.
  7. Forgive yourself for the past mistakes that made you miserable. Those mistakes happened to teach you a lesson. Without mistakes, there is no growth and better changes won’t happen. Promise yourself to learn from them, and not repeat them again. Everyone makes mistakes. You’re not human if you don’t. Forgive yourself now.
  8. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. If you are the type of person who stresses your life for always aiming for perfection, give yourself a break and accept that there’s no point in being one. Nobody will ever be perfect, add to that the fact that imperfections makes life more interesting. Even the greatest person that you will ever meet is not and never will be perfect. It’s a waste of energy to think that way. Forgive yourself now.
  9. Forgive yourself for putting yourself in harmful situations. You may have put yourself in a place of danger, due to your recklessness. It may be a result of you not taking care of yourself, because you are too adventurous, you are naive or you view yourself as low-value. Starting today, commit to being more careful with your decisions about life. You deserve to be well-taken care of. Forgive yourself now.

Can you feel the burden being taken away from your chest? Forgiveness is my favorite thing to do in showing my love for myself. Letting go of everything, leaving the bad emotions behind is the most freeing thing ever.  

What are the other things that you want to forgive yourself about? Share them with us in a comment!

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