Wakeboarding in Nuvali, Laguna

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Nuvali is one of my favorite chill places near the Metro. If I were to buy a house in the future, I’d like it to be somewhere in Laguna, either within or near Nuvali for reasons like, having the best Ayala Mall I’ve been to (Solenad is a must-visit), for the beautiful landscapes and villages, for maintaining a nature-ish environment, for having the best chill places, but most especially for being near a freakin’ wakepark! Wakeboarding in Nuvali, anyone?

My first wakeboard experience was at Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) a few years back, and since then, I fell in love with the sport. It was actually the knee boarding I did because wake boarding scares me. I can’t even properly balance myself on flat land, what more with a board on a water park? I love CWC but it was just too far, that’s why when I heard about Republ1c Wakepark, I was in bliss. When I went to Nuvali, we tried wakeboarding and it was really hard the first time because you have to face your fears and focus, or else you’ll end up wasting precious time and turn (you have to fall in line for every turn). When I was able to do my first smooth ride, that’s when the addicting feeling occured.


Here’s a tip: Do not wakeboard if you’re the type of person who can’t handle being in embarrassing situations because the picture of someone falling from their boards to splash/bounce on the water is super funny, and people will laugh. (If you’re really a lily, I know you wouldn’t mind.) I couldn’t even get the picture of my brother looking like a whale and bounced on the water off my head. Gosh. That was the highlight of the trip. 


I love Republ1c Wakepark simply because they’re cheaper than other parks and is very accessible from my city. Here is the area for the beginner’s. This is where the fundamentals happen.


They have chill spots near the water parks where you can order food and drinks and chill with your family and friends.


The bar.


Rates for this place is reasonable, I say. I recommend availing 4 hours for first-timers.

Although most of their vests are almost worn out, the wakeboard experience will still give you the money’s worth. The place has improved since the second time I’ve been there, so yes I like how they maintain the place.

Face your fears at Republ1c Wakepark!

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