17 Ways to Recharge When You Feel Drained

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Recently, I’ve been working too much. I’m busy trying to graduate, establish the team of my online business, write my e-book and plan my free e-course coming up for you lilies. I feel extra drained at the end of the day. And when I feel too drained, so many negative thoughts would come to my mind. Eeek. Definitely not a good scenario to keep me motivated for all of my plans.

So I try to regain my good mood by doing some self-care stuff, and if you’re like me who have been feeling tired lately, you definitely could use some of these:

  1. Get a hug. This is the easiest way you can recharge. Whenever I feel burnt out, I would just hug my husband, my sister or my pet. Whenever there are people around, I would not miss the chance of hugging them. I can literally see my battery bars going up when I hug someone. I’m a total sucker for some embrace.
  2. Play with your pet. Pets are God’s gift to humankind. Pets make life more bearable, fun and playful, especially if your pets are crazy funny. If you don’t have a pet, watch some good old dog/cat videos on the internet. They will never fail to make you smile.
  3. Meditate. Whenever I feel down from tiredness, I would just inhale until I can no longer suck in any air, and blow the negative vibe crap out of me. It feels oh so good.
  4. Sing your heart out. If you feel like meditation is too boring and a lot of work for you, you can always sing your lungs out. Find a feel good song, and sing along with it with full emotions. You will totally get out of your head and get in the zone of your inner Beyonce.
  5. Go for a run around the park. Moving your body + trees is a great combination for absorbing some positive vibrations.
  6. Have a candle light dinner with some relaxing music. Candles are the easiest way to set the mood. Add some really good food you can order.
  7. Have a mini spa session at home. Not only is this very relaxing, but DIY spas brings out your creativity as well.
  8. See a feel good movie in theaters. I don’t know about you but watching movies at home drains me (unless of course it’s a really amazing and heart-stopping one), but watching in theaters boosts my mood. They’re totally 2 different experiences.
  9. Read a feel good fiction book. Reading makes your mind focus on one thing and imagine stuff. Reading makes you more creative than watching. It also helps your brain take a break from thinking and worrying about real-life stuff. It’s the best escape.
  10. Go on a road trip. See a different environment. Maybe you’re tired because you’ve been following a routine lately and you need to see something new. Beat the boredom. Hop on your car and just go.
  11. Listen to feel good music and dance. Dancing is an instant mood uplifter. Try dancing in the most energetic way. It feels so fun, and you totally look silly. Beat the energy gap and shake your buns.
  12. Write your heart out. Whenever I feel down, I want to rant but I don’t want to share the negative energy with my husband, so what I’d do is grab my journal and pour my heart out. Everytime I do, I would always end the writing with an encouraging and self-loving statements. It always feel good.
  13. Take a nap. Maybe you wanted to rest but have no time for a full sleep. Remember, you can always take some 15 min rests. This boosts your productivity. Give yourself some good power nap.
  14. Pray. Pray to God/the universe and just tell him to give you more strength. He delivers every single time.
  15. Drink a fruit smoothie. If you still have work to do, you might want to eat something light because your digestion takes so much of your energy. Fruits are instant energizers, plus they are easy to digest. Use your energy wisely.
  16. Review your goals and your mission in this world. If you remind yourself why you are doing what you are hustling right now, it immediately fires you up and if you’re totally obsessed, you will immediately feel happy tired.
  17. Tell yourself “I love you and I’m so proud of you. You have been very amazing today!” and give the back of your hand a kiss. You deserve every love from you for being amazing and productive. The world needs more of what you are giving. Keep doing it because you’re changing the world in your own special way.

What other ways do you do to recharge during your tired days? Share it with us! Leave a comment below.

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